Sunday, January 24, 2016

Led by the Spirit

This post is based on some notes I prepared for a discussion with our youth group. There is a lot more that can be said on the topic. However, I believe the points made are a good foundation for daily application.

When it comes to being led by the Spirit, the Christian must remember we follow a Person who lives out the definition of what it means to be Spirit led. We don't have to scratch our heads as if no one has done it. Jesus, even to this day, lives by the Spirit. There is no moment when our Savior ceases to yield Himself to the control of God's Spirit. So we must not look to others as our chief example of the Spirit filled life. We are to fix our eyes on Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2)

In scripture we see how Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, dealt with temptation, loved people, prayed, and forgave. If we are going to do the same, we too must be filled with the same Spirit. I have been a Christian almost half my life now. I have seen and experienced what it looks like when people allow the Spirit fill them. Unfortunately, I have seen what it looks like when those who say they follow Jesus don't allow the Spirit to fill them. I won't go any further with that one.

Below are four practical ways I see in scripture and experience to be Spirit led.
1-  Read the bible, John 14:25.  How can the Spirit remind you of what Jesus has already said if you don't download it? Many times in my life there have been instances in which I would have made a decision that could have a negative consequence if the Spirit had not reminded me of a scripture passage. See how Jesus defeated temptation in Luke 4. He spoke the Word.

2- As a Christian, ask for the Spirit, Luke 11:9-13. Notice how the Lord promises when we ask and seek for the Spirit from the Father, He will not send something else. He will send the Spirit. This is something that should be done daily. I ate three square meals yesterday. Will that keep me going today or tomorrow? It might for a little while, but eventually my energy will be depleted from lack of caloric intake. It's the same with the Spirit. Yesterday's fill up will not sustain me forever. It must be daily sought. 

3- Be a person of prayer. Luke 11:1 Jesus got up early to pray and spend time with God. He had a spot the bible said was "certain". Designate a place that is known to others you live with as that "certain place". If He needed to do it, shouldn't we? If we are to walk and be led by the Spirit, it must be intentional and will take effort on your part to make it a priority. Jesus didn't live a life in the Spirit by chance, he had a relationship.

4- Actively listen for the Spirit's leading as you go about your day. Galatians 5:16. Don't be shocked when God gives you a prompting. When He does, obey. Have you ever been driving along and someone popped into your mind and wouldn't go away? So you drop by their house or gave them a call and they needed it?  That's a God thing that happens when we listen and obey the Spirit. 

Again, there is more that can be said about living a Spirit led life. However, I do think the above points are great starting point. Remember, it is Jesus who is our example of what it means to live Spirit led. Follow Him. 

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